Fed up with weight gain, fatigue, PMS or menopausal symptoms?

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Happy, Healthy and Harmonized Program

This is a transformational, private program designed to alleviate weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, PMS, and menopausal symptoms through improved hormone balance, thyroid and adrenal function. Rooted in evidence-based functional medicine, it provides compassionate care and empowers you with the knowledge and focus needed to accelerate your own health recovery.

Meet Dr. Karen Hufnagl

Using comprehensive diagnostics and evaluation, I pursue and solve the underlying dysfunctions that have resulted in the symptoms you are experiencing. I also take a proactive approach to preventive health care and wellness, so that once your energy and vitality is restored, it remains strong and resilient.


Patients I’ve supported in regaining their health have remarkable things to say about the impact my work has had on their lives.

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